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Posts by Reid Walley

Blur/Censor A Moving Face in Final Cut Pro X

So far, I’ve only used the first option by CoreMelt. SliceX Free by CoreMelt Price: Free Must request a free license via form on product page. Description: Lets you use mocha tracking with oval and rectangle masks. NOTE on usage: MUST enable the Keyframing icon for the tool to actually track the moving object. ProAnonymous…

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Affinity Designer – Perspective Distort Vector Art

Since there’s currently (as of July 2019) no Perspective / Distort / Warp tool in Affinity Designer ($49.99) (which I was totally used to for forever in Adobe Illustrator), ya gotta use Affinity Photo ($49.99). And you can open Affinity Photo directly from within Affinity Designer: File > Edit in Photo… Currently you can only…

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Download Instagram Stories Video

I got a cool shout-out from a friend on their Instagram Stories, and wanted to repost their video on my other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A quick Google search lead me to the How to download Instagram Stories on iOS, Android, and desktop article on Digital Trends. From my phone, I…

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Affinity Photo – Cut Out An Image & Re-select Selection

(Version 1.7.0): After following instructions from Affinity Photo: Extract/Cut Out an Image and Selection with the Selection Brush in Affinity Photo, under Refine Selection I chose Output > New Layer with Mask. OK, but now how do I re-select the selection (that I turned into a Mask) to edit the Mask further? Two options: Click…

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PODS Framework Resources

Add Audio Using Magic Tags > Section: Special Functions Created for Audio & Video Audio Player shortcode PODS Documentation Documentation (master list) Planning Your Custom Content Types (Post Type + Taxonomies + Fields) Bi-directional relationships (In my case: Music Project <==> Artist) One Artist/Band with 3 Albums Bi-directional Relationship setup (Artist (Custom Taxonomy) <==> Music…

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Setting Up Amazon Pay for WooCommerce

Setting up Amazon Pay for my Every Floor Is A Dance Floor WooCommerce shopping cart was a bit confusing for me, so I’m documenting the basics here. I’m specifically NOT selling on Amazon as a seller, I just want to offer Amazon Pay to my customers that shop on my WordPress (WooCommerce-powered shopping cart) website.…

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