Creating a Custom WordPress Gutenberg Block

This post is to document my journey to create a custom WordPress Block. Flywheel‘s article How to create custom Gutenberg blocks in WordPress recommends using a test environment to safely experiment away from a live site. They recommend Local in order to install WordPress on desktop. Then, follow the instructions under the section titled “How to …

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Monochrome Color Palettes – Canva

Monochrome Color Palettes – Canva

Very helpful article! Includes monochrome color palettes with HEX numbers at the end of the article. Canva article: How to design with monochromatic colors—with expert tips from a designer Then convert HEX numbers to RGB (if needed) with color-hex Purple: Deep Purple: #210E3B (33,14,59) Eggplant: #4B194C (75,25,76) Lilac: #872B76 (135,43,118) Violet: #C88EC1 (200,142,193)

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