Kadence WP – Remove Column From Content Flow On Mobile

Goals: 1) On desktop, laptop, tablet: fill screen with 2 columns (that have unique content in each column). 2) On mobile phone: display only 1 column (and its content) and remove the other column (and its content) from the content flow. The final CSS that accomplishes the goal The desktop layout is made using the …

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Webp Converter and Web Optimization Process

Convert images to Webp format for faster website loading Save image as JPG Run through ImageOptim Run through an online Webp converter, like CloudConvert Example: 417 KB: Size of exported JPG from Affinity Photo at 72 ppi at 1200 px X 675 px (WordPress’s recommended Featured Image dimensions) 91 KB: After running JPG through ImageOptim …

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WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins - Featured Image

WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins

For years I’ve been using the “Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter” plugin to display code on my WordPress site. But I’ve never really been crazy about the color themes. I’ve also gotten used to seeing the cool color theme that StackOverflow uses to display code. And while StackOverflow is using their own syntax highlighter theme …

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Dropdown Custom Taxonomy featured image

WordPress Dropdown Select Menu of Custom Post Titles Associated with Custom Taxonomy Terms

Creating a dropdown select menu that lists only Custom Posts associated with the Custom Taxonomy Term “National Clients” Custom Post Type: client (this is the slug) Custom Taxonomy: client_status (this is the slug) Custom Taxonomy Term: national-clients (this is the slug) Front-end view of dropdown select menu for custom taxonomy term posts A breakdown of …

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JavaScript Resources

JavaScript Fundamentals: Understanding Events – Timothy Robards JavaScript Fundamentals: Master the DOM! (Part 1) – Timothy Robards Instant Action When Dropdown Selection Is Made – Will Bontrager Summary: Someone makes a selection from a dropdown list and an action occurs, it occurs immediately. What happens can be pretty much anything that you can code with …

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WordPress WP_Query

WP Shout’s article “Using WP_Query Objects Without the Loop” explains it well: WP_Query isn’t an abstract entity; rather, it’s an object, in the programming sense. Let’s quickly summarize that discussion: Every individual object belongs to a larger class of those objects. For example, an individual Car object belongs to the class Car. Every object has things in common with …

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Learning PHP for WordPress

PHP for Beginners: Starting on Backend WordPress Development – WP Shout PHP 101: Gentle Introduction to WordPress Programming – Know The Code WordPress Template Tags: How They Show Post Content & More (eg: the_title vs get_the_title) – WP Shout Intermediate WP_Query Arguments – Bill Erickson Customizing the WordPress Query with pre_get_posts – Bill Erickson Custom …

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