Bitcoin Payments In WooCommerce Store

OpenNode allows you to accept Bitcoin payments on your WooCommerce store. From OpenNode’s site: How does OpenNode work with WooCommerce: OpenNode integrates with WooCommerce with a simple plugin that gives any WooCommerce the ability to accept Bitcoin payments. With a no-code integration, any WooCommerce business can accept Bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network using OpenNode….

Cowboy Boot Design

Designing Western-themed versions of Every Floor Is A Dance Floor t-shirt graphics lead me to learn about the design profile of Cowboy boots, the different parts of a cowboy boot, and the design differences between men’s cowboy boots and women’s cowgirl boots. As I started to vector outline various brand’s cowboy boots, the main difference…


How to Edit Text to get a Warp Effect With Affinity Designer – David Allen

The goal is to make vertical text on a curved path. But since Affinity Designer doesn’t have a straight-forward way of accomplishing this effect we need to jump through a few hoops: Starting in Affinity Designer Making text outlined Switching to Affinity Photo and using the Warp Tool Switching back to Affinity Designer Warnings: Converting…