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Magento ecommerce

Magento Ecommerce – Run under PHP 5 on 1and1 Web Hosting

Some hosting providers do not yet provide PHP5 on their servers, opting instead to stay with PHP4 for the time being. As Magento is a PHP5-only application, this can be a barrier for some users. This document outlines a possible workaround for such a scenario. The goal is to install PHP5 as a CGI binary…

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Manual Credit Card Processing Shopping Carts

Website client has a need for manually processing credit card orders because he already has a credit card terminal in his office and doesn’t want to incur any extra gateway processing fees. Magento and Zen Cart have successfully passed the “manual credit card processing” test. Magento keeps the full 16-digit credit card number in the…

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Magento Ecommerce – v1.3.2.4 Install Tips on 1and1 Hosting

Brief, non-detailed, overview of installing Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart v1.3.2.4 on 1and1 Hosting Download Magento and Sample Data 1.2.0 from Import Sample Data SQL files into database Copy Magento Sample Data’s media/catalog folder to Magento/media folder Follow Magento Installation Guide ( Create a cgi-bin folder in Magento root and add the php5-cgi file…

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Integrate WordPress Blog into Magento Ecommerce using Lazzymonks WordPress Integration 2.61 Extension

Integrate WordPress Blog into Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart using Lazzymonks WordPress Integration 2.61 Extension Successfully installed Oct 21, 2008 Application versions: Magento 1.1.6 & WordPress 2.6.2 Hosted on 1&1 Internet This extension adds the ability to integrate WordPress blog into Magento. It has adjustable page layout from with in the WordPress admin menu. Wordpress menu…

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