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PlatformBase Child Theme

How To: Add Featured Image to WordPress PlatformPro Theme

Goal: Add Featured Image to PlatformPro theme to use The Cart Press: List products in your home page in grid format WordPress: v3.2.1 Parent theme: PlatformPro, v1.5.2 Child Theme: PlatformBase, v1.4.1 Shopping Cart: The Cart Press, v1.1.3 File: root > wp-content > themes > platformbase > functions.php Add to the end of the file: //…

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[FIX] SlideDeck Text Ruined by PlatformPro Theme

Problem: PlatformPro¬†WordPress theme is overriding SlideDeck’s font style, making all of SlideDeck’s text italic. (shakes fist). Solution: Add reset CSS to the PlatformPro child theme’s stylesheet to allow SlideDeck’s text to function normally. Add the following CSS to the style.css file in PlatformBase (PlatformPro’s child theme): [code]/* SlideDeck customization */ .slidedeck p, h1, h2, h3,…

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PlatformPro – Second Navigation

PlatformPro – Second Navigation Secondary Menu (video) Create new file: PlatformBase > sections > section.globalnav.php Edit existing file: add lines of code to: PlatformBase > functions.php file WordPress back-end: PlatformPro settings: Template setup > Site Header > (drag-n-drop) “GlobalNav Section” to active area

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WordPress: Center navigation for PlatformPro framework

PlatformPro’s WordPress framework comes standard with flush-left navigation. We wanted the menu to be centered. We’re working with PlatformPro’s child theme, PlatformBase. WordPress version: 3.1.2 PlatformPro version: 1.3.5 PlatformBase version: 1.3.2 Add the following CSS to PlatformBase’s “base.css” file: #nav_row ul{padding-bottom:10px !important;float:none !important;text-align:center;} #primary-nav li{float:none !important;display:inline !important;} #primary-nav a{float:none !important;display:inline !important;} (must be logged…

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WordPress Plugin – Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod: Align Image Alongside Text

WordPress version: 3.1.1 Theme: PlatformPro 1.3.5 Child Theme: PlatformBase 1.3.2 Plugin: Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod 1.6.2 by Kailey Lampert Problem: the text lines up at the bottom of the image instead of “along side” the image. Solution: Add the following CSS to PlatformBase child theme’s base.css file: [css]/* Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod *…

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