Consultation fee:

The full hourly rate applies for as long as the consultation lasts. It’s best to decide on a time-limit ahead of time. If the project moves forward then the consultation fee is credited toward your project.

WordPress customization pricing includes:

Stage 1: Planning

Like a family looking for a new home, we’ll definitely need to spend some time creating a detailed blueprint/spec sheet of criteria and functions.

Stage 2: Design

With the blueprint finished, it’s time to “design” the house. One of the popular ways that I fulfill the specs is to research beautifully-designed pre-built WordPress templates. A short list of theme candidates is then presented for consideration, including WordPress themes from top-notch companies like WooThemes,, PageLines WordPress Themes, among others.

Stage 3: Building & Testing

Set up, implementation, images, text, testing and making your site live.

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