Website Design

Membership site housing the association’s events, announcements, and legislative updates, as well as members-only Newsletters and industry documents.



Association management


Content management


Website migration

Full set of services provided: Content management of public-facing and member-only items, including annual Conference announcements, quarterly newsletters, and news releases, as well as on-going content changes. E-commerce/shopping cart management for industry publications; design consultation; and image research.

Website Design: Keith Warren Walley

Keith Warren Walley

Website showcasing author’s books for sale via print-on-demand publication and digital distribution via Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and Apple iBookstore. Author’s recorded music added to SoundCloud and integrated into website.


Gordon Walley

Save More Bees

David Howe Design Portfolio

Every Floor Is A Dance Floor

Encompass Work & Family

What do you want your website to accomplish?

  • Sell products?
  • Display an event calendar?
  • Capture visitor’s email?
  • Offer an annual membership?
  • Keep documents behind paywall?

What do you want your visitors to say about your site?

  • It’s pretty?
  • It’s valuable?
  • It’s professional?
  • It’s easy to navigate?
  • It’s trustworthy?
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