Cowboy Boot Design

Designing Western-themed versions of Every Floor Is A Dance Floor t-shirt graphics lead me to learn about the design profile of Cowboy boots, the different parts of a cowboy boot, and the design differences between men’s cowboy boots and women’s cowgirl boots. As I started to vector outline various brand’s cowboy boots, the main difference between men’s and women’s profiles is: sole scoop, toe box, and heel angle.

Cowboy boot styles include slightly different shapes and uses:

  • Classic Western Boots
  • Ropers
  • Stockman Cowboy Boots
  • Western Work Cowboy Boots
  • Buckaroo Cowboy Boots


Specifically for women’s Cowgirl boots, I discovered what accessories and flourishes are called, like tassels and fringe. This lead to Conchos. These are the round metal accessories that attach tassels to the boot.

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