Facebook – Add and Update Catalog Items With a Pixel

(Source: Facebook) One way to manage your catalog inventory is to use the Facebook pixel. The pixel can add new items to your catalog and update inventory details automatically from your website. After you connect your pixel as a data source, you don’t need to update your catalog anymore. This is a good option if your inventory is large or changes frequently.

Before you begin

  • Create a catalog for ecommerce (products). Note that you can’t use the pixel to import other catalog inventory types such as flights, hotels, destinations, home listings or vehicles.
  • Install a pixel on your website and add the ViewContent standard event in the pixel code on each product page. Your business must own the pixel in Business Manager.
  • Add microdata tags to the product pages on your website.
  • Make sure your pixel has fired in the last 7 days, meaning that someone has viewed an item on your website. If your website hasn’t received any traffic, you can view an item yourself.

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