Find Full Path Name in Mac Finder and Solution for Spaces in Directory Name in Mac Terminal

Part 1

Needed the path name to a folder on my Mac so I can run a command in Mac Terminal. This is all new to me and the How to Copy a File Path as Text from Mac Finder in Mac OS X article was super-helpful at helping me find the path name, which was:

/blah/blah/Local Sites/custom-blah-block/blah/blah/wp-content/plugins

Part 2

Because the File Path has a space between Local and Sites, this causes the command to fail in Mac Terminal with the error message: no such file or directory.

The solution comes from MacWorld’s Mac OS X hints Spaces in file and directory names:

Quote the space character with a backslash, like this:

cd /Users/username/temp/directory\ with\ spaces

The final command that ran successfully in Mac Terminal was this:

cd ~/blah/blah/Local\ Sites/custom-blah-block/blah/blah/wp-content/plugins

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