Getting Nostr NIP-05 Verified via Domain Host

NIP-05 Verification

NIP-05 is a verification method for your Nostr account across all clients (I use the Damus iOS client by Bill Casarin on iPhone and Mac). NIP-05 (NIP stands for Nostr Improvement Proposal) is like the blue checkmark on Twitter or Instagram.

I chose to verify my Nostr account through my website which is hosted on SiteGround.

This is the format to use in the nostr.json file:

  "names": {
    "<name>": "<pubkey>"

In the Nostr account, the NIP-05 Verification field requires an email-like format: So:

  • <name> gets changed to the name you want. reid is what I used, since reid is the <local-part> of the internet identifier used for my NIP-05: <local-part>@<> (ie:
  • <pubkey> gets changed to your hexPubKey (NOT your nPubKey). My hexPubKey is: 54bab1309a8744312809d35ee9a9d54a4741edba181d9da1c0bfe4f6020f26ba
  • To find my hexPubKey I visited, typed my Twitter handle into the “Search by twitter name or public key on nostr” search field, and scrolled down the page to the hexPubKey.
  "names": {
    "reid": "54bab1309a8744312809d35ee9a9d54a4741edba181d9da1c0bfe4f6020f26ba"

After saving the above as nostr.json, I FTP uploaded it to my pre-existing .well-known folder: https://<>/.well-known/nostr.json

CORS Permissions

NIP-05 verification might get messed up because of your domain host. SiteGround is my host and they have an article for allowing Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) via HTaccess.

Other ways to get NIP-05 verified

Nostr NIP-05 Resources

Find me on Nostr: npub12jatzvy6sazrz2qf6d0wn2w4ffr5rmd6rqwemgwqhlj0vqs0y6aqrs9mh9

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