Google Analytics conversion tracking for Cafepress Premium Shops. This is very cool and was super simple to set up on my Cafepress store.

As Cafepress stated on their blog on December 2, 2008, “Now you can easily track your customers from the referring domain, all the way through checkout. Useful information such as product sold, average price, quantity, referring domain – just to name a few – will help you track and measure your marketing efforts.”

Here are the instructions to get started:

1. If you do not already have a Google Analytics account, visit Google Analytics to create one

2. To get conversion information in your Google Analytics account you must enable E-Commerce Reporting in the profile:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account, click “Edit” next to the profile you’d like to enable
  • On the Profile Settings page, click “Edit” next to “Main Website Profile Information”
  • Change the E-Commerce Website radio button from “No” to “Yes”

3. Integrate your Google Analytics account with your CafePress shop(s) if you haven’t already done so:

  • Log in to your CafePress account, select the shop you want to track
  • Click on the “update tracking information” link
  • Enter your Account ID (in the format UA-XXXXXXX-X) provided by Google into the Tracking ID textbox
  • Click “Save”

4. To access your tracking and conversion data, log in to your Google Analytics account and select the account you’d like to view. Then click the link to “view report”
Note: Google Analytics updates on a nightly basis. Therefore, if your Google Analytics account is new, you will not see any information for up to 24 hours.


Q. Where can I check my conversion stats – do I do that on CafePress or on Google Analytics?

A. You can view the tracking and conversion data in your Google Analytics account.

Q. Where can I see the conversion information?

A. In your Google Analytics account select the account you’d like to view. Then click the link to “view report”. In the left nav there will be a link to the E-Commerce report where you can find conversion data.

Q. I already have my Google Analytics account integrated with CafePress using the update tracking information page under advanced features. Do I need to do anything else?

A. You do not need to take any further steps to integrate your Google Analytics and CafePress accounts; however, you will need to follow the instructions to enable your GA account for ecommerce.

Q. I already have my Google Analytics account integrated with CafePress through my custom html section?

A. Instead of putting the Google Analytics javascript code into your custom html, we recommend that you use the update tracking information page as this is the supported method of integration.

Q. Can I do this for my Basic Shop?

A. Conversion tracking is only available for Premium Shops. If you’d like to get conversion tracking on your shop, you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium Shop and then follow the steps outlined above.

Q. I have multiple Premium Shops. Do I need to do this for all of them?

A. Yes, you’ll need to set up an account for each Premium Shop on which you want to install conversion tracking. To set up another shop, log in to your Google Analytics account and click “Add New Profile”.

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