MySQL – Change 1,000 Joomla User Receive System Emails To No

Problem: Client had accidentally set all User’s Receive System Emails to YES. Receive System Emails are for Super Users/Webmaster only – not for 1,000 members.

Solution: Use phpMyAdmin to select and confirm that all 1,000 Joomla Users whose Receive System Emails are set to sendMail=1 (1=Yes)

FROM `xxxx_users`
WHERE sendemail=1

Then, update all Receive System Emails from 1 (Yes) to 0 (zero; No)

UPDATE `xxxx_users`
SET `sendEmail` = replace(sendEmail, ‘1’, ‘0’)

Note: swap out the “xxxx” for your database’s prefix_

Very helpful source: How to find who is receiving Joomla system emails – Dart Creations

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