UPDATE (Feb 20, 2011): #1 and #2 below no longer apply to the CSS. #3 below is still applicable.

UPDATE (Jan 2, 2011): I’m no longer using the below-stated NextGEN Galleryview plugin by Alex Rabe. Instead, I’m using WordPress NextGen GalleryView by John Brien because it has fewer JS conflicts.


1. To customize the display size of images “within” the NextGEN GalleryView gallery, alter:
– File: nggGalleryview/galleryview.css
– (approx) Line 57:

.galleryview .panel img { width: 400px; height: 230px; }

2. To customize the overall size, colors, etc of the NextGEN GalleryView gallery itself:
– File: nggGalleryview/view/gallery-galleryview.php
– (approx) Lines 40-51:

panel_width: 400,
panel_height: 300,
frame_width: 40,
frame_height: 40,
transition_interval: 0,
overlay_color: '#222',
overlay_text_color: 'white',
caption_text_color: '#222',
background_color: 'transparent',
border: 'none',
nav_theme: 'dark',
easing: 'easeInOutQuad'

3. Fixing the monster-sized right arrow when using Thematic Theme Framework for WordPress: http://www.cozmoslabs.com/2010/01/13/wordpress-photo-slideshow/?cid=3259#comment-3259

– File: nggGalleryview/galleryview.css
– Add the following line at the end of the CSS file:

.galleryview .nav-next { width:22px !important; float: none; }

Extra: Sorting the gallery images