Nostr Purple Color Codes

Option #1: website

Since Nostr’s website is a gradient from blue to fuchsia, I need to find the middle color to use for t-shirt artwork. Using Inspect element on reveals the starting and ending RGB colors:

background {
rgba(28,85,255,1) 0%,
rgba(127,53,171,1) 59%,
rgba(255,11,214,1) 100%);

Since I want the 50% middle, and not the 59% provided in the above CSS, I asked ChatGPT for the middle RGB:

ChatGPT: Therefore, the RGB value that is halfway between “rgba(28,85,255,1)” and “rgba(255,11,214,1)” is “rgb(142, 48, 235)”.

Then confirm the recommended RGB with RGB to HEX:

  • rgb(142, 48, 235)
  • Hex: #8e30eb Nostr Purple 50% RGB between blue and fuchsia

Option #2: SatsCoffee

  • rgb(169, 21, 255)
  • Hex: #a915ff

SatsCoffee’s version of Nostr Purple

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