Pixel Caffeine – Something went wrong during the connection with Facebook API. Please, try to refresh the page.

Pixel Caffeine has been discontinued as of Oct 1, 2021.

Per the Pixel Caffeine plugin author:

  1. Go into your Facebook account -> Settings -> Business integrations, find the app Pixel Caffeine and remove it (don’t worry, you won’t lose anything);
  2. Go into the admin of the Pixel Caffeine plugin -> General Settings
  3. Open the “Advanced Box” box at the bottom of the page
  4. Scroll down and click on the “Reset Facebook Connection” button (again, you won’t lose anything)
  5. Make a new Facebook login and confirm all permissions
  6. (Oct 14, 2021): Clicking the Facebook Connect button (under Pixel Caffeine > General Settings tab) no longer works to connect Pixel Caffeine to Facebook. I currently have no idea why. It used to work. The error message says: Browser can’t open the page “https://wca-connector.adespresso.com/prod/auth-request?…” because the browser can’t find the server “wca-connector.adespresso.com”.


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