WordPress – Thematic Feature Site Theme

Thematic Feature Site: http://themeshaper.com/thematic-feature-site/ You’ve heard about the Thematic Theme Framework and want to use it for your site but don’t know where to begin customizing it. Or maybe you’re a WordPress Developer wanting to speed up your site development time. If either one is the case I want to introduce to you the Thematic…

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Website Design – Zen Cart Ecommerce Integration – HolidayHope.net

Zen Cart ecommerce integration and design “skinning” by Designparc. Website design by Joshua Estes. Project management, including merchant account and product fulfillment integration by Designparc. Zen Cart product orders/shipping export modification by Joshua Estes.


WordPress Tutorial – Remove the Word “Protected:” from Title Text of Password-protected Pages

Remove the word “Protected:” from title text of password-protected pages. Big thanks to t31os on the WordPress forums. Check out t31os’s site for more WordPress tips. The following filter function code is placed in the functions.php file, this way it doesn’t accidentally get replaced when WordPress is upgraded. <?php function the_title_trim($title) { $pattern[0] = ‘/Protected:/’;…


Magento Ecommerce – Create New CMS Page & Add Link in Top Menu Along with Category Links

Magento Ecommerce: Create a new CMS page and have the link to it show up in the menu alongside the category links. Brick House Bakery project: adding the Survey page link to the top navigation bar, alongside the existing category links. 1. Create a new CMS page, titled Survey, in Magento’s admin (Admin > CMS…