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Thematic Feature Site: http://themeshaper.com/thematic-feature-site/

You’ve heard about the Thematic Theme Framework and want to use it for your site but don’t know where to begin customizing it. Or maybe you’re a WordPress Developer wanting to speed up your site development time. If either one is the case I want to introduce to you the Thematic Feature Site Theme.

The Feature Site Theme is the second Theme in the Thematic Development Series; a series of themes showing you how to take advantage of the killer customization powers brought to you through using a WordPress Child Theme with the Thematic Theme Framework. Each theme in the series gives you a huge leg up on rapid WordPress theme development.

A Killer Custom Template For Your Home Page

If you want to use WordPress to power your web site—not just your blog—this is the Theme for you. Need to highlight multiple sections of your site? All of equal importance? I’ve tested this template and it works.

A rotating spot for your featured items

The Feature Site Theme lives up to it’s name by randomly featuring blocks of image and text on the home page.

Read full article: http://themeshaper.com/thematic-feature-site/

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