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Zen Cart FIX – Can’t Download MP3 After Purchase

Problem: Cannot download a virtual product¬†(MP3) after it’s been purchased. In this case, it was purchased with a coupon code. Solution: Changed /pub folder’s file permissions from 777 to 755. Warning: I have no idea if this is a good idea. I prefer the folder to be set to 777. But it just wasn’t working…

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Zen Cart – Audio player button broken; bare HTML code displayed instead

Problem: Embedded audio player’s bare HTML code gets displayed in the Product description on the Home page under Featured Products, as well as on the Store page. However, the product description displays the audio button correctly on the Product “info” page. Using Zen Cart: v1.3.9h; Theme: Music Store #25001 from TemplateMonster ( Diagnosis: Truncated version…

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Zen Cart – Adding Audio Player to Product Page

Add WP Audio Player, Standalone to Zen Cart, v 1.3.9h Example site: So far this works on FireFox, Chrome, Safari & Opera for Mac (tested Feb 16, 2011). GOTTA CHECK PC browsers! 1. Add audio-player.js file to site. It gets added to the head section of the site by adding it to the jscript…

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Zen Cart – FIX for Media Manager *Assign to Products* Not Working

Zen Cart version: 1.3.9h Problem: Media Manager *Assign to Products* doesn’t work (ie: it doesn’t actually assign the media to the product, you just keep getting sent to the Admin main page). Solution: Edit your /admin/includes/init_includes/init_sessions.php file On line 40 you’ll see a line that starts like this: if (strpos ( $PHP_SELF, FILENAME_PRODUCTS_PRICE_MANAGER ) ===…

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Zen Cart Shopping Cart – Editing Zen Cart “Order Email Confirmation” text

Editing Zen Cart “Order Email Confirmation” text This is the file that a customer receives as confirmation for their purchase: 1. (Template override) file located at: root/includes/languages/english/musicforhope/checkout_process.php 2. Original file copied from: root/includes/languages/english/checkout_process.php — Editing Zen Cart “Email Disclaimer” text at bottom of “Order Email Confirmation” email This is the lower half of the info…

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Zen Cart – Adding jQuery Tabbed Content Box to Zen Cart EZ Pages

(Using Zen Cart 1.3.8a) 1. jQuery source: 2. Zen Cart integration: – CSS: Delete “*” and “body” classes from file. Put in template’s css folder (root/includes/templates/CUSTOM TEMPLATE/css). I changed file name from “style.css” to “style_tabbed_content.css”. – Javascripts: Put all 3 javascript files in jscript folder (root/includes/templates/CUSTOM TEMPLATE/jscript). Must also add jscript_ text to the…

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