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CSS URL Path to Background Image / or ./ or ../ or ../../

I always forget the CSS URL path to background images. Thanks TechGnome from the WordPress.org Support Forums. If the path to CSS (or any file for that matter) leads off with the / that means go to the root and begin look there. A single DOT in front of the slash means look in current dir, and…

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How to: Add jScrollPane Scrollbars to WordPress Twenty Eleven Child Theme

Overview: Add iFrame-like scrolling to content, but only on specific pages Solution: Create Page template and add jScrollPane jQuery Live example: jScrollPane jQuery scrollbars on Body Conceptions 1. Download jScrollPane – Cross-browser styleable scrollbars with jQuery and CSS 2. Place Script and Style folders in child theme folder 3. Copy header.php file from Twenty Eleven,…

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Menu Button Background Transparency Makes Text Transparent [FIX?]

Problem: Menu button’s hover background is 50% transparent (this is good). But it also makes the text inside the menu button 50% transparent (this is bad). Desired result: Text inside the button should remain solid-colored when the button’s hover background is 50% transparent. Solution (maybe?): Maybe this will keep the text solid-colored while the menu button’s hover…

Using CSS Text-Shadow to Create Cool Text Effects – Line25

http://line25.com/articles/using-css-text-shadow-to-create-cool-text-effects …six text effects of vintage/retro, inset, anaglyphic, fire and board game in the demo, then copy the code snippets below to use the effects in your own designs. Needless to say you’ll need a text-shadow supporting browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) to see them in all their glory.

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WordPress Child Theme – CSS Sticky Footer

1) Followed all of the instructions from CSS Sticky Footer. Then made the extra change, shown below, to my child theme’s footer.php file. For my WordPress TwentyTen child theme, in the footer.php file, I had to move the closing #wrapper DIV to just ABOVE the opening #footer DIV. Like so: 2) Add CSS for footer…

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WordPress Plugin – Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod: Align Image Alongside Text

WordPress version: 3.1.1 Theme: PlatformPro 1.3.5 Child Theme: PlatformBase 1.3.2 Plugin: Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod 1.6.2 by Kailey Lampert Problem: the text lines up at the bottom of the image instead of “along side” the image. Solution: Add the following CSS to PlatformBase child theme’s base.css file: Original source: http://trepmal.com/plugins/advanced-most-recent-posts-mod/comment-page-1/#comment-764