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WooTickets – Automate Ticket Purchase Process

WooTickets - Automate Ticket Purchase ProcessProblem: A PayPal/Credit Card-purchased ticket does not show up in my email. Ever! I have to manually change the WooCommerce Order status from Processing to Completed. This can’t be how Eventbrite does it.

Solution: Go to WooCommerce Products (NOT The Event Calendar), click your Ticket item.

In the Product Data section:

  • Choose Simple Product, then
  • Tick “Virtual” (so the checkout doesn’t get confused about shipping), and
  • Tick “Downloadable”

If there’s a way to make this process automated without ticking the “Downloadable” box, I didn’t see it in the WooCommerce Tickets: New User Primer videos or read it in the detailed instructions.

WordPress: 3.6.1
WooCommerce: 2.0.14
WooTickets (by Modern Tribe): 3.0.2
The Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe): 3.0.3
PageLines Framework 2.4.4

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