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WordPress – Custom Category Template for Advanced Newspaper Theme

Overview: Custom Sidebar inside a custom Category template.

Problem: Client wants an ad to be placed in the sidebar of a specific Category (Wine of the Week). WP Advanced Newspaper theme doesn’t have a category.php file that I can alter.

Solution: Create a custom Category template using the archive.php file, and create a custom Sidebar to be displayed in this custom Category template.

Three files will be involved:

  1. category-wine-of-the-week.php (a Category template based on archive.php)
  2. innerWideSidebar-WineOfTheWeek.php (which was created based on innerWideSidebar.php)
  3. includes/register-widget-zones.php (to make the sidebar widget-able)

There are more details than this, but this is my current log.

LIVE EXAMPLE: http://www.placercountyonline.com/category/wine-of-the-week/

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