Adobe Illustrator CS3 – Transparent Fading Gradient

Goal: Gradient that fades from “transparent > color” or “transparent > white”
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS3

  1. Draw rectangle, fill with solid color (or solid white).
  2. With rectangle still active, choose Transparency > “Make Opacity Mask.”
  3. Click on mask in the Transparency palette (it’s the black square on the right right side of the Transparency palette); rectangle will disappear (this is normal). Make sure Clip check-box is ticked.
  4. Draw a second rectangle on top of the first rectangle and fill it with a “white > black” gradient.

Original instructional article: Transparent Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

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    1. Sorry, Anton, it’s been so long since I used Adobe Illustrator that I no longer remember how to chose transparent for the gradient.

  1. Hi, you choose transparent in the transparency window on the three lines above each other. It is called as described “Make Opacity mask”.
    very helpful advice here. Thank you.

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