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Re-launching Scivago.com with WordPress

Re-launching Scivago.com vintage coats as a marketplace-ish type site with the help of WordPress, BuddyPress and classifieds capability. Currently experimenting with existing themes that I can then customize via templates and CSS.

Also looking at different WordPress classifieds themes and plugins.

The reason for this re-launch is three-fold:

  1. Scivago.com has been in Google’s top-10/12 natural ranking for 5+ years for the keywords “vintage fur coats” and “vintage coats.”
  2. Google AdSense ads show consistent seasonal traffic and PPC sales over the last 5+ years.
  3. Customers have emailed me looking to sell their vintage coats on the site.

Scivago.com can be a hyper-niche vintage coats marketplace.

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