Blur Faces in Affinity Photo

“Apply a blur using a Live Filter layer, invert the live filter layer (which makes its embedded mask completely black), then paint the blur effect back in where it’s wanted. This is completely non-destructive, can be made as strong or as weak as one likes, can be turned on and off at will, can be modified with opacity and/or blend modes, and (best of all) it’s so damned easy!” – smadell, Affinity forum advanced member

  • Select Layer (in Layers Panel)
  • (In Menu) Layer > New Live Filter Layer > Blur > Gaussian Blur
  • Tick “Preserve Alpha” box
  • Move Radius slider in add/increase blur
  • Click Red x to exit modal window
  • Click Gaussian Blur thumbnail (only the thumbnail, not the entire Gaussian Blur filter sub-layer)
  • (In menu) Layer > Invert (Gaussian Blur filter thumbnail will turn black)
  • Choose Paint Brush Tool > Fill Color: White
  • Paint blur back in (make sure only the black Gaussian Blur filter thumbnail is selected during this part)

Watch video instructions on Affinity forum:

Here’s an example of faces that I blurred out by following the Affinity forum’s instructions. Worked out great!

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