Affinity Photo – Keep Reduced Images Sharp

Reducing a PNG logo from 1211px X 366px @ 150dpi to 300px X 91px @ 72 dpi. I found that Affinity Photo’s default setting of Resample + Bilinear is crap for reduced image sizes. Using Resample + Bicubic is still kinda crappy.

But Resample + Lanczos 3 options gave a sharper result:

  • Lanczos 3 (separable) = sharp
  • Lanczos 3 (non-separable) = sharper

“In my testing, Lanczos 3 (separable) enlargements and reductions a tad sharper than Bicubic, and Lanczos 3 (non-separable) is much sharper.” Source: Affinity Forum

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