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Joomla – FIX Missing Admin Components Menu Items

Problem: Updated Joomla 3.7.0 to 3.7.2 – and lost Joomla’s core Admin Components menu items (Banners, Contact, Joomla Update, Messaging, News Feeds, Redirects, Search, Smart Search). Solution: Ended up running SQL in MySQL database. Note: Change #__menu to yourprefix_menu + change the 2-space “__” to a 1-space “_” (i.e.: prefix__menu to prefix_menu). URL: Upgraded to…

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How To Upgrade a PayPlans subscription via Admin featured

Joomla PayPlans Subscription – Upgrade Membership via Admin

How To Upgrade a PayPlans subscription via Admin Source: Upgrade from back-end Note: PayPlans UPGRADE App must be Published (but it does not have to be added as a Widget to Member’s profiles if only Admin will make Upgrades). From Admin: PayPlans > Subscriptions Search by Username Click ID Click Upgrade button in upper left corner Select new…

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Joomla – Find Specific PayPlans Fields In MySQL Database

Goal: Delete ALL PayPlans No-status (status=0) memberships. In MySQL, locate all PayPlans memberships that have status=0. (The No-status (status=0) memberships are a broken remnant of the previous database migration): Open phpMyAdmin Navigate to payplans_subscription table Click SQL tab Run the following script: SELECT * FROM `xxxx_payplans_subscription` WHERE status=0 Also check the following PayPlans tables to make sure a membership is fully…

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Create Membership Reports Using Fabrik

Goal: Generate 8 different monthly member reports for’s PayPlans-powered Joomla membership site. Solution: I’ve chosen Fabrik to query the database, display member content, filter info, and generate CSV files. Background: Califaep uses PayPlans to register members, and is using JomSocial’s custom fields to capture specific information during the registration process. Unfortunately, JomSocial’s custom fields data…

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Joomla SSL

After having HostGator set up SSL, a couple of final Joomla SSL settings: Set Force SSL in Joomla Global Configuration Edit configuration.php file Edit .htaccess file Follow instructions in Gavick’s article: Need to protect the customers of your Joomla website? Use SSL

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