Joomla PayPlans Subscription – Upgrade Membership via Admin

How To Upgrade a PayPlans subscription via Admin

Source: Upgrade from back-end

Note: PayPlans UPGRADE App must be Published (but it does not have to be added as a Widget to Member’s profiles if only Admin will make Upgrades).

From Admin:

  1. PayPlans > Subscriptions
  2. Search by Username
  3. Click ID
  4. Click Upgrade button in upper left corner
  5. Select new plan in Upgrade To drop-down

The pro-rated difference between the Current Plan’s used-up-amount and the Upgrade price is automatically calculated and displayed.

Admin has the following payment options:

  • Free (Upgrade User’s subscription without charging them)
  • Offline (use this option if User paid – or will pay – with a check; or if User paid via eCheck)
  • User will pay (I assume User gets notified by the system to make a payment after Admin completes Upgrade. PayPlans documentation does not explain.)
How To Upgrade a PayPlans subscription via Admin
How To Upgrade a PayPlans subscription via Admin

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