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PageLines Framework – Adding Social Media Buttons to Branding Section

How to add Yelp & Pinterest buttons to PageLines Framework’s Branding section. 1. Add the following Action Hook to functions.php: [code] add_action(‘pagelines_branding_icons_end’, ‘yelp_icon’); function yelp_icon(){ ?> <a target="_blank" href="" class="yelplink" style="opacity: 0.5; "> <img src="/path/to/your/image.png" alt="Yelp"> </a> <?php } [/code] 2. Upload Yelp & Pinterest button graphics to child theme/images folder.

How to: Add Graphic to PageLines Branding Section

Goal: Have a graphic in PageLines Branding section and have it aligned with the bottom of the site logo, as well as aligned flush-right. PageLines Framework v2.1.3 WordPress v 3.3.1 1. Turn off RSS/social media icons: WP admin -> PageLines -> Settings -> Header And Footer -> UNtick “Display the Blog RSS icon and link?” …

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