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CSS URL Path to Background Image / or ./ or ../ or ../../

I always forget the CSS URL path to background images. Thanks TechGnome from the WordPress.org Support Forums. If the path to CSS (or any file for that matter) leads off with the / that means go to the root and begin look there. A single DOT in front of the slash means look in current dir, and…

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How to Add Custom Navigation Menus in WooThemes Canvas

How to add custom navigation menus in WooThemes Canvas, via Child Theme*. In this case, I wanted to add a menu in the footer and this tutorial is perfect. CSS for centering the footer menu (for Canvas v5.3.0 Child Theme): *Follow instructions to setup and use a WooThemes Canvas Child Theme.

Create Beautiful Call-to-Action Buttons in WordPress with MaxButtons – WPBeginner
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Create Beautiful Call-to-Action Buttons in WordPress with MaxButtons – WPBeginner

Excellent article from WPBeginner – How to create CSS Call-to-Action Buttons using MaxButtons CSS3 Button Generator for WordPress. WordPress plugin excerpt: Create great-looking CSS3 buttons that can be used on any post or page in your WordPress site. The easy to use button editor makes it a snap to generate awesome CSS3 buttons in very…

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How to Add Widgets to WooThemes Whitelight Home Page

NOTE: Since this post is from May 2012, the instructions may be out-of-date with current versions of WooThemes Whitelight and/or WordPress. Objective: Add 4 Widgetized areas, all in one row, just below the image slider on WooThemes Whitelight home page. Basic Method: Reference WooThemes “How to add a widgetized area to your theme” tutorial, as…

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How to: Add Graphic to PageLines Branding Section

Goal: Have a graphic in PageLines Branding section and have it aligned with the bottom of the site logo, as well as aligned flush-right. PageLines Framework v2.1.3 WordPress v 3.3.1 1. Turn off RSS/social media icons: WP admin -> PageLines -> Settings -> Header And Footer -> UNtick “Display the Blog RSS icon and link?”…

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How to: Custom WordPress Widget CSS Styling in Pagelines Framework 2.0

Goal: Custom Widget colors, text and rounded corners: Title: dark-blue background; bold, white font. Body: medium-blue background; rounded top-left/right corners. NOTE: these are only initial customizations. More is required. Solution: Add the following CSS to Child Theme stylesheet.