Creating Generative Profile PFP NFT Art

So You Wanna Build Your Own PFP NFT Project? – MyCrypto

  • By the end of this tutorial, you should have an understanding of how to programmatically build any number of images using layers (specifically NFTs with no inherent utility/value, to be used as a PFP project), list out their traits, and put it all “on-chain” to start building your community. In addition, I will touch on some scam tactics to be aware of and general contract hygiene to be considered when building an NFT project.

Step by Step guide to creating your own NFT — CryptoPunks or Pudgy Penguins – Steve Ng

  • A step-by-step guide for individuals who are keen to know the steps to create a PFP project. You will need to have a programming background to perform the steps. If you followed the guide, your edition should eventually be available on OpenSea

At What Pixel Dimensions Are Most Generative NFT Art Projects Built? – Jim Dee

  • VeeFriends: 640 x 860; or min 500 square – 1200 square

How to Prepare Artwork for a Generative NFT Programmer – Jim Dee

  • Ideal size: For now, I’d say 750px square to 1200px square should serve most purposes for generative art.

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