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Need Custom Post Types to build a client’s music recording studio site with WordPress. The bands and albums need to be linked so that, for instance, a band’s 7 albums show up on that band’s single page.

I’ll be using PODS Content Development Framework to make Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, and Custom Fields. PODS will also help me create bi-directional connections to link bands to their albums, including title, release date, notes, album cover image, record label, website, management contact, phone number, and email.

[Website] PODS.io:

  • https://pods.io/ – Home page
  • Template Tags – Special handling for conditional output or looping through relationships, taxonomy or attached media.
  • Magic Tags – Show content and custom fields inside Pods Templates.
  • Using Magic Tags – Explains the common usage for Magic Tags, where they can be used and how to access the standard post fields, custom fields and media fields in a Custom Post Type or Taxonomy.
  • Pods Documentation – Videos, FAQs, Code Snippets, Tutorials, Code Reference

Grow Beyond Posts & Pages, Introduction to the Pods Framework (Mar 8, 2019):

Grow Beyond Posts & Pages, Introduction to the Pods Framework (Aug 4, 2017):

Build Anything with Pods! Hands-on Workshop on Using the Pods Framework (Mar 22, 2019):

Display Taxonomy (inside “each” loop)

Using @name for the Magic Tag displays the correct /taxonomy/ path in the full URL.

[each genre]
	<li><strong>Genre:</strong> <a href="{@permalink,esc_url}">{@name}</a><!-- Magic Tag: @name; Genre Taxonomy inside "each" loop --></li>
[each production_category]
	<li><strong>Production Category:</strong> <a href="{@permalink,esc_url}">{@name}</a><!-- Magic Tag: @name; Production Category Taxonomy inside "each" loop --></li>
[each project_status]
	<li><strong>Project Status:</strong> <a href="{@permalink,esc_url}">{@name}</a><!-- Magic Tag: @name; Project Status Taxonomy inside "each" loop --></li>

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