[FIX] Missing Main Product Images In Facebook Shop

Missing Main Product Images In Facebook Shop

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Problem: Facebook Shop page. Thumbnails show up fine in catalog, but as soon as you click on a product thumbnail the popup is blank – there’s NO main product image!

Missing Main Product Images In Facebook Shop

I’m using Facebook for WooCommerce to get my products from my WordPress WooCommerce site into my Facebook Shop.

The solution that worked for me:

“We believe it’s due to a hotlinking problem from what I heard from our Catalog team. Essentially we try to download the images from your site for use in FB, but we find that the image isn’t there and we instead get a 403 error. The recommended resolution is to try and disable any hotlinking plugins you may have.”

dmitridr – GitHub contributor for https://github.com/facebookincubator/facebook-for-woocommerce

For me, this meant deleting the Hotlink Protection code in my .HTaccess file.

Another very helpful clue posted in the GitHub thread: the original poster mentioned seeing “a 1×1 blank pixel” when viewing their product in the Facebook Catalog Manager (when they should have been seeing a full-size main image). In this part of Facebook (the Business Manager), you can see where Facebook is pulling your images from. What should be displaying as the full 1000px X 1000px main image was being interrupted by my Hotlink Protection code.

Once I deleted the Hotlink Protection code from my WordPress .HTaccess file, all the Facebook Shop main images started to come back to life!

Giant thank you to dmitridr!


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