Gmail + cPanel Email: Move from Old Host to New Host

  • Old host has email and website (in cPanel)
  • New host has domain name that points to old host
  • Customer sends & receives emails via Gmail
  • Goal: do NOT lose 10 years-worth of emails that are on old host when moving to new host

1. Make a backup of Gmail: Export backup of Gmail using Google Takeout

2. Set up exact same email address on new host, then re-point domain name away from old host and point domain name to new host

3. Gmail Account must be in IMAP mode to restore Gmail backup

  • Log into Gmail
  • Settings (gear icon)
  • See All Settings
  • Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Enable IMAP
  • Click Save Changes

4. Import/restore backup of Gmail back into Gmail account using Thunderbird

There’s no easy way to import/restore the exported Gmail backup. The process requires Thunderbird email application and ImportExportTools Add-on for Thunderbird in order to import the archived MBOX file back into Gmail.

  • How to Import MBOX to Gmail – The article covers:
    • Exporting MBOX from Gmail (also listed in section #1, above)
    • Install Mozilla Thunderbird and the ImportExportTools Add-On
    • Importing MBOX to Gmail

Since what to do about the original email address on the old host (in cPanel) –and re-pointing the domain name away from the old host and pointing it to the new host – is not covered in the above article, see section #2, above, for dealing with the original email address.


How to Import MBOX into Gmail –

Helpful sections:

  • Turning on IMAP for the Gmail Account
  • Adding Gmail in Thunderbird
  • Upload and Open an MBOX File via Thunderbird

Gmail Backup and Recovery by Spin: Makes a backup of your Gmail account, with download and restore capabilities.

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