WooCommerce Cart Hooks – WPDesk

WooCommerce Cart Hooks – WPDesk

The “Add your own sections to the cart page” in WPDesk’s WooCommerce Cart Hooks article is very helpful in learning how add_action hooks code works in functions.php file. WPDesk’s “WooCommerce Empty Cart Hooks – Visual Guide” is also especially helpful. In the above code, WPDesk helps me see that the first part (woocommerce_before_cart_table) is the …

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PlatformPro – Second Navigation

PlatformPro – Second Navigation Secondary Menu (video) Create new file: PlatformBase > sections > section.globalnav.php Edit existing file: add lines of code to: PlatformBase > functions.php file WordPress back-end: PlatformPro settings: Template setup > Site Header > (drag-n-drop) “GlobalNav Section” to active area

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