WooCommerce Cart Hooks – WPDesk

WooCommerce Cart Hooks – WPDesk

The “Add your own sections to the cart page” in WPDesk’s WooCommerce Cart Hooks article is very helpful in learning how add_action hooks code works in functions.php file. WPDesk’s “WooCommerce Empty Cart Hooks – Visual Guide” is also especially helpful. In the above code, WPDesk helps me see that the first part (woocommerce_before_cart_table) is the …

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Download Instagram Stories Video

I got a cool shout-out from a friend on their Instagram Stories, and wanted to repost their video on my other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A quick Google search lead me to the How to download Instagram Stories on iOS, Android, and desktop article on Digital Trends. From my phone, I …

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PlatformPro – Second Navigation

PlatformPro – Second Navigation Secondary Menu (video) Create new file: PlatformBase > sections > section.globalnav.php Edit existing file: add lines of code to: PlatformBase > functions.php file WordPress back-end: PlatformPro settings: Template setup > Site Header > (drag-n-drop) “GlobalNav Section” to active area

Logo Trends 2011 – An annual review by LogoLounge

Full article: Logo Trends 2011 – LogoLounge Excerpt: For the 2011 report, our ninth, color is still prevalent, but tinted down. Where black has been used as the strong neutral, now brown or gray is in place. Blues and greens are softer, and pinks are starting to appear. Other degrees of lightness: Shapes are airier, …

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