How To Design A WordPress Featured Image in Pixelmator Classic

WordPress Featured Image NFT NASA
WordPress Featured Image featuring NFT text and NASA image of nighttime Earth. Built in Pixelmator Classic 3.9.

Software: Pixelmator Classic v3.9



  1. Open Nighttime Earth image in Pixelmator Classic.
  2. Crop image to 960px X 540px (Under Image > Image Size: make sure Resolution is set to 72 pixels/inch).
  3. Save document.
  4. Open Seamless Polygon Background image (in this case, seamless-polygons-2.jpg) in Pixelmator Classic.
  5. Under Image > Image Size: re-size to 250px X 250px and Resolution 72 pixels/inch. Make sure Scale Proportionally and Resample Image are ticked.
  6. Select All on Seamless Polygon Background image, then copy. Open Nighttime Earth Pixelmator Classic file, then Paste.
  7. Duplicate the Seamless Polygon Background image so there are 4 across and 3 down. Then:
    1. Select all 12 Seamless Polygon Background squares and Group them
    2. Then re-align the Group until it’s centered vertically and horizontally on the Layer
  8. Next, set the Seamless Polygon Background grouped Layer to:
    1. Blending: Color Dodge
    2. Opacity: 50%
  9. Add Text (“NFT” in this example):
    1. Font: Good Times
    2. Weight: Regular
    3. Size: 300
    4. Center text vertically and horizontally
  10. Text Styles (View > Show Styles):
    1. Fill: Gradient: Yellow
    2. Stroke: Color: Black
    3. Width: 30px
    4. Style: Outside
    5. Tick Reflection box
  11. Save document.
  12. Export finished WordPress Featured Image as JPG, Quality 100%.
  13. Then open JPG in ImageOptim for web-optimization.

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