Webp Converter and Web Optimization Process

Convert images to Webp format for faster website loading Save image as JPG Run through ImageOptim Run through an online Webp converter, like CloudConvert Example: 417 KB: Size of exported JPG from Affinity Photo at 72 ppi at 1200 px X 675 px (WordPress’s recommended Featured Image dimensions) 91 KB: After running JPG through ImageOptim …

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SketchUp – Spirix BMP Tracer Extension

I imported a PNG file into SketchUp (Free web version) and was hoping I could simply extrude it. Found out via SketchUp forums that PNG is NOT a format that SketchUp can interact with, let along extrude. The forums mention an out-of-date link to a tracer extension: (broken link) I found the updated link …

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Download Instagram Stories Video

I got a cool shout-out from a friend on their Instagram Stories, and wanted to repost their video on my other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A quick Google search lead me to the How to download Instagram Stories on iOS, Android, and desktop article on Digital Trends. From my phone, I …

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