How to Edit Text to get a Warp Effect With Affinity Designer – David Allen

The goal is to make vertical text on a curved path. But since Affinity Designer doesn’t have a straight-forward way of accomplishing this effect we need to jump through a few hoops:

  1. Starting in Affinity Designer
  2. Making text outlined
  3. Switching to Affinity Photo and using the Warp Tool
  4. Switching back to Affinity Designer


  • Converting the text in Affinity Designer to outlined permanently makes the text uneditable. It’s now just an outline. In Affinity Designer, keep a copy of the original editable text on a separate layer.
  • The switch from Affinity Designer to Affinity Photo forces the outlined text to be rasterized. This means when switching back to Affinity Designer, after warping the letters in Affinity Photo, the text letters are now an image. Make sure and set original Designer file to 300 dpi.

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