Convert PSD/PNG File to Vector File

Converting a PSD/PNG file to Vector

Have old Photoshop (PSD) and PNG files that need to be converted to vector so I can manipulate them in Affinity Designer.

Commenter recommend Convertio. The following process gave me a vector file that’s really close to final.

  1. Upload Photoshop PSD/PNG file to Convertio
  2. In the “to” dropdown, choose: Vector > SVG
  3. Click big red Convert button
  4. Download file (you can also save to Google Drive and Dropbox)

The final PNG-to-Vector-SVG result is pretty darn good*: vector outlines that I can access in Affinity Designer!

*NOTE: I retried this conversion using a PSD file (instead of a PNG file of the same art) and the result was EVEN BETTER!

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