Joomla – Display Eventbrite Events via Module in Article

Goal: To display Eventbrite events in a Joomla Article, without using the Menu.

1. Install: Combrite to display Eventbrite events in a Joomla Article.

2. Create Combrite Eventbrite event:

  • Go to Admin > Components > Combrite
  • Search for title of Eventbrite event and click “Import as Joomla article.”
  • A Joomla Article will be automatically created.
  • Choose the “Events” category (create one if one doesn’t exist).
  • Click Save.
  • Rinse and repeat to load more Eventbrite events.

3. Create Events Module:

  • Module Manager > New > Select: Articles – Category
  • Module tab: manually type “myposition” into the Position box (cannot be an actual template position)
  • Menu Assignment tab: “Only on the pages selected” > tick “Programs and Events”
  • Filtering Options tab: type in “Events” under Category. Delete all other Categories.

4. Load Events Module inside the Events Article:

  • Go to Events page and add {loadposition myposition} to the top of the Events page.

Now all the Eventbrite events get loaded via the Combrite module via the “How do you put a module inside an article?” process at the top of the Events page. Pretty sweet!

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