Brief, non-detailed, overview of installing Magento Ecommerce Shopping Cart v1.3.2.4 on 1and1 Hosting

  1. Download Magento and Sample Data 1.2.0 from
  2. Import Sample Data SQL files into database
  3. Copy Magento Sample Data’s media/catalog folder to Magento/media folder
  4. Follow Magento Installation Guide (
  5. Create a cgi-bin folder in Magento root and add the php5-cgi file from
  6. FTP everything to the server
  7. Make a bunch of permission changes in a couple different places. See
  8. Run install
  9. Ran across 2 errors during installation and searched/found/was successful via Google searches (can’t remember what the errors were)
    • One of the changes involved removing all of the countries except “English (United States)” and all of the currencies except “US Dollar” in the magento > app > etc > config.xml file
  10. Front-end 500 Server Error messages when trying to click on page links:
    • Tweaked the .htaccess file
    • Also made change in Magento Admin, under System > Configuration > Web > SEO > NO
  11. That may not be everything I did, but that’s most of it

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