Mixergy – How I Edit My Interviews – Video recording software

Step-by-step video editing from Andrew Warner: http://mixergy.com/video-editing/

Other tools Andrew uses:

I do almost all my work in ScreenFlow. That’s the program you see me using in the video above. It’s made for video and screen capture, but I swear by it as an editing program too. (Thank you Janet and Jeneane of Telestream for introducing me to this program!)

I do most of my interviews on Skype. And I record them using Call Recorder by Ecamm. I also use Ecamm’s program to convert video to audio.

I edit audio using Audacity.

The mic I swear by is the Blue Snowball. (Thank you Chris Darbro for telling me about this mic. Before I got it the buzz in the audio of my interviews made me ill.)

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