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FIX: WP e-Commerce Product Image Upload Problem

WP e-Commerce shopping cart, v3.8.6 WordPress, v3.2.1 Problem: Can’t complete a product image upload. I keep getting the following error after attempting to upload an image into the product’s description field: “Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /XXXXXXXX/store.designparc/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php on line 984” Solution: File: root/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php Change line 1018: $metadata[‘sizes’] = array_merge( $generated[‘sizes’],…

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WordPress Child Theme – WP e-Commerce: Move Product Title to Description Column

Overview: Move Product Title from above the Product image, to above the Product details section. Note 1: WP e-Commerce version: 3.8; WordPress version: 3.1.1 Note 2: All of the WP e-Commerce theme files were first moved to the Child Theme folder via WP e-Commerce’s backup option. Solution: Move the H2 code from it’s current ImageCol…

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WP e-Commerce – Can’t Insert Image into Product Content [FIX]

WordPress version: 3.1 WordPress theme: Twenty Ten 1.2 WP e-Commerce version: 3.8 Problem: The “Insert into Post” button is missing when trying to insert a product image into a WP e-Commerce Product Page Solution: File: root/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/includes/display-items-functions.php Line 1102: Change td.savesend input.button { display: none; } To td.savesend input.button { display: block; } WARNING: I have…

Custom WordPress Case Study: Child Theme Edits – Plato’s Survey
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Custom WordPress Case Study: Child Theme Edits – Plato’s Survey

Visit Plato’s Survey. Overview: Custom WordPress site with shopping cart to sell marketing materials and Web-based surveys. Visitors will fill out survey forms, while franchise owners can order business cards, loyalty cards and customer survey campaigns. Process: Utilized & customized the WordPress Thematic Feature Site child theme for Thematic. Integrated shopping cart, slide show, image…

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WP e-Commerce: FIX for PayPal/Credit Card Purchase Sending Incorrect “Order Pending: Payment Required” Emails

NOTICE! The example below is extremely old (from 2010). The solutions probably won’t work anymore. WP e-Commerce v3.7.6.9 (the latest stable version available, downloaded Sept 18, 2010) WordPress v3.0.1 Testing done in PayPal Sandbox & on live site (once Sandbox testing proved successful) Themes tested: 1) WP Twenty Ten 1.1; 2) Thematic; 3) Thematic…

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@getshopped WP e-Commerce *live* shopping cart testing going great! Manual & CC purchases working beautifully

Had to make a minor adjustment to the paypal_multiple.php file in the merchants folder. When making a PayPal or Credit Card purchase I was receiving an “Order Pending” message on the Transaction Results page, as well as in the customer’s email notification. This problem seems to be solved. More info to follow if all checks…

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WP e-Commerce – Staying Current; Upgrading To Newest Version

Instructions cover the following version upgrades: When upgrading to When upgrading “within” 3.7 itself (for example 3.7.5 to Specifically: If your wp e-commerce theme is still located at wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/themes/ you should move it to wp-content/uploads/wpsc/themes/ in order to preserve your changes When upgrading to 3.7 from any older 3.6 version Read full instructions:…

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WP e-Commerce – Duplicate Products Problem Fixed

Problem: Duplicate products were being displayed when using the productspage shortcode on a Page. Solution*: Remove any duplicate product_id rows in the wp_wpsc_product_order table in phpMyAdmin. *This solution worked in my case. It may not work in every situation. Running: WordPress 3.0.1 WP e-Commerce