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How to Add Custom Navigation Menus in WooThemes Canvas

How to add custom navigation menus in WooThemes Canvas, via Child Theme*. In this case, I wanted to add a menu in the footer and this tutorial is perfect. CSS for centering the footer menu (for Canvas v5.3.0 Child Theme): *Follow instructions to setup and use a WooThemes Canvas Child Theme.

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FIX for NextGEN Gallery thumbnails not displaying properly in IE8

Problem: On IE8, NextGEN Gallery thumbnails are either missing completely or the thumbnails are all squeezed together. WordPress theme: Twenty Eleven child theme. Solution*: I added the following code to my child theme’s CSS: These pixel amounts are specifically for my needs. Make sure the height and width is the same as in Gallery >…

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How to Add Widgets to WooThemes Whitelight Home Page

NOTE: Since this post is from May 2012, the instructions may be out-of-date with current versions of WooThemes Whitelight and/or WordPress. Objective: Add 4 Widgetized areas, all in one row, just below the image slider on WooThemes Whitelight home page. Basic Method: Reference WooThemes “How to add a widgetized area to your theme” tutorial, as…

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How to: Custom WordPress Widget CSS Styling in Pagelines Framework 2.0

Goal: Custom Widget colors, text and rounded corners: Title: dark-blue background; bold, white font. Body: medium-blue background; rounded top-left/right corners. NOTE: these are only initial customizations. More is required. Solution: Add the following CSS to Child Theme stylesheet.

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How to: Create Custom Sidebar in Pagelines Framework 2.0

Goal: Add a custom Sidebar to Home page’s “Content” (not Template) area so any Widget can be added. WordPress framework: PageLines Framework 2.0.1 Solution: Copy one of the Sidebar sections and customize it to fit in the Content area of the Home page template. We’ll copy “Full Width Sidebar” and turn it into a new…