WooCommerce Thank You Page Custom Message

NOTE: This is for WooCommerce version 8.1 and later. (Versions earlier than 8.1 require customizing a different PHP file).

  • WooCommerce 8.1 and later: Customize PHP file: order-received.php
  • WooCommerce 8.1 and earlier: Customize PHP file: thankyou.php

For WooCommerce 8.1 and later:

Copy these 2 WooCommerce template files: woocommerce > templates > checkout > order-received.php and thankyou.php

And copy them to child theme: wp-content > themes > child_theme > woocommerce > checkout

Edit the order-received.php file’s Thank You message.

$message = apply_filters(
		__( 'Thank you. Your order has been received.', 'woocommerce' ),

FTP upload both the order-received.php and thankyou.php files to server.

Testing to see what the Order Received page looks like with the custom Thank You message requires running a product through the checkout process.

It’s a pain but this is how it works for me: create a $1.00 Test Product, add free shipping, enable TEST MODE in WooPayments. And in my case, I have Printful print-on-demand integrated and I don’t want the Printful plugin to auto-charge my account when making test purchases. So I make sure to create the $1.00 Test Product directly in WooCommerce, so it’s not part of the Printful setup.

WooCommerce: Assign Free Shipping to a Single Product

After successfully testing the Thank You message, disable the TEST MODE in WooPayments and set the Test Product’s Visibility to Private (this Test Product can be used in the future).

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