WordPress All-in-One WP Migration

Really diggin’ ServMask’s All-in-One WP Migration WordPress plugin to move site from stage to live. And easy to Export/Import serialized data.

I usually move from a Stage site to a Live site. The following instructions are super-helpful.

Instructions c/o: WP Shout

  1. Open All-in-One WP Migration.
  2. Click the “Find <text> Replace with <another-text> in the database” accordion tab.
  3. Fill in the fields with URLs.
  4. Click the Add button, and fill out second set of fields with file paths.

Example URL changes:

Replace with:

Example full file path changes:

Replace with (SiteGround) PATH:
/home/customer/www/yourdomainname.com/public_html (Note: “customer” remains in the path; do NOT change)

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