Slider Revolution / Rev Slider – YouTube Video and Broken Keyboard Scroll

Problem: Clicking pause on a YouTube video (in Slider Revolution / Rev Slider slide) breaks the ability to use keyboard arrow-keys to scroll up or down the page.

Solution: YouTube arguments (parameters) to the rescue!


Go to your Slider Revolution slide:

  • Click on the Layer Selector Menu (hamburger icon; my Layer is titled “youtube:youtube”)
  • In the youtube:youtube Layer, click the edit pencil icon
  • The “Add Video Layer” edit window will pop up
  • Click on the Arguments tab
  • Add this parameter to the beginning of the existing string (make sure and add a “&” symbol after the “1”): disablekb=1
  • Then click the blue Update Video button
  • Then click the green Save Slide button

According to Google’s YouTube dev help: “Setting the disablekb (Disable KeyBoard) parameter value to 1 causes the player to not respond to keyboard controls.” This is exactly what I needed!

All YouTube supported parameters can be found here.

Slider Revolution / Rev Slider “Video Layers” documentation.

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