Capture VAT Payments During WooCommerce Checkout

My t-shirt drop-shipper, Printful, charged me VAT (Value-Added Tax) on an order from Croatia. But since my business is based in the United States, I hadn’t yet looked into how to charge VAT on my WooCommerce orders. Which means my order was charged VAT but I had not collected VAT. So I had to pay the difference. Ouch!

I did not want to add a VAT Number Field to my invoices or checkout page (this is more for businesses based in the EU/UK). But since Printful was charging me VAT, I wanted to also collect VAT from my EU and UK-based customers. I also wanted to have VAT displayed on Cart and Checkout pages.

The EU/UK VAT Compliance Assistant for WooCommerce plugin is what worked for me to capture VAT payments from customers that have an EU/UK shipping address. This plugin also displays VAT on Cart and Checkout pages.

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