How I Got Started Selling T-shirts

In 2021 I uploaded my artwork to TeePublic. They’re a popular print-on-demand printer that handles order-taking, payment processing, printing, shipping, and returns. You just create a free account and upload your high-resolution 300-dpi artwork (I use Affinity Designer). Price of printing is the same for a 1-color or a million colors, like a photo. The upside for me is: no inventory and no labor on my part (other than creating the graphics).

Here’s what my TeePublic storefront looks like (it has both my Bitcoin and country western graphic designs on multiple clothing styles):

In 2023, I wanted to accept Bitcoin Lightning payments as well as print my logo on a sleeve or inside label location. While other print-on-demand printers offer multiple print locations, TeePublic does not. But none of the print-on-demand printers offer an option for customers to pay via Lightning.

So, I set up a WordPress WooCommerce site and integrated it with Printful print-on-demand WooCommerce plugin. Now, I upload my designs to Printful, choose which garments I want the designs on, and Printful auto-populates my WooCommerce store with the garments I’ve selected. Printful also offers multiple print locations. The upside for me is: no inventory and no labor on my part (other than creating the graphics and annual expenses (see further below)).

When a visitor visits my WooCommerce store at, Printful’s integration handles order-taking, payment processing, printing, and shipping. However, Printful does not handle returns. I have to handle returns and work as the go-between for my customer and Printful.

For accepting Lightning payments on my WooCommerce store, I use and their OpenNode for WooCommerce plugin.

TeePublic is easy compared to my WooCommerce setup. TeePublic is zero expense for me. The WooCommerce setup includes annual expenses for domain name, site hosting, premium plugins – plus all the time it takes to set everything up and get it all dialed in and tested.

From what I understand (but haven’t done myself), a similar print-on-demand + Lightning payments can be created on Shopify with Printful and OpenNode.

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