Category Posts in Custom Menu – Diana Koenraadt’s Awesome WordPress Plugin

Very cool plugin from By Diana Koenraadt. Plugin replaces selected Category links / Post Tag links / Custom taxonomy links in a Custom Menu by a list of their posts/pages.

Category Posts in Custom Menu - Featured Image
Category Posts in Custom Menu: Menu option; sidebar display

I created a Custom Post Type (CPT) called “Clients” and a Custom Taxonomy called “Client Status.” Then, within the Client Status custom taxonomy, I created 2 categories: “National Client” and “Local Client.”

I can display the “National Clients” and “Local Clients” custom category links in a sidebar menu. But there are 100 CPTs associated with the National Clients category and 200 CPTs associated with the Local Clients category. And I definitely don’t want to have to manually add each CPT title via the Appearance > Menus.

What I really want to do in the sidebar menu is: automatically display a list of CPT post titles from the “National Clients” and “Local Clients” categories.

Category Posts in Custom Menu does exactly what I need.

Go to Appearance > Menus, choose your the Category menu item, and tick the box in front of “Create submenu containing links to posts in this taxonomy.” Then choose settings.

In my case, I went to Appearance > Menus, expanded the Local Clients category menu item, ticked the box that says “Create submenu containing links to posts in this taxonomy”, and chose my settings. This allowed my to display all of the CPTs associated with Local Clients in the sidebar menu, instead of just the single category word Local Clients.

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